Takemusu Iwama Aikido Europe Articles

Aikido Training: A New Year's Message - by Sensei Sargeant
The Fountain in the Desert - by Sensei Sargeant
Once Upon a Time in Kefalonia by Doug Edwards

Organising Friendship Seminars by Aviv Goldsmith Sensei
Pathway Closed - Testimonials on Iwama’s Aiki JinjaTai Sai Festival 2004
Morihei Ueshiba & Morihiro Saito by Stanley Pranin
The use of resistance in aikido by David Alexander
Misogi practice
Is O-Sensei Really the Father of Modern Aikido? - A look at the dissemination of aikido & Saito Sensei's commitment to preserving the founder's aikido.
A new leader in Iwama - Reflections on Attending Iwama Shin Shin Aiki Shurenkai Founding Celebration
Glimmerscape - blog entry

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Saito Sensei using Aiki Ken. Saito Sensei spent over 20 years studying aikido under O'Sensei, the founder of aikido.
O'Sensei - Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido
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Saito Sensei's Signature
Aiki Shrine
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