Dan Grade fees & applications

Shodan, Nidan & Sandan application form

From 2013 students that already hold an Aikikai dan grade may choose to continue with Aikikai certificate or may choose to switch to TIA Europe certificates (NB if you switch to TIA Europe certificates you cannot switch back).

If you already hold a TIA Europe dan grade then you will only be able to continue with TIA Europe certificates.

 Dan Rank TIA Europe fee
(UK certificate)
(Aikikai certificate)
1st 75
$200 + $50 admin fee
2nd 85 $225 + $50 admin fee
3rd 100 $250 + $50 admin fee
4th 120 $300 + $50 admin fee
5th 140 $850 + $50 admin fee
6th 160
$1000 + $50 admin fee

Currency convertor (for guidance only, conversions will be made at the time of grading.)

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