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Iwama Aikido is the style of Aikido as taught originally by Moriehei Ueshiba (referred to as O-Sensei or ‘Great Teacher’), the founder of this martial art. Iwama Aikido preserves the founder’s style through the lineage of his student Morihito Saito, 9th Dan and beyond.

Iwama Aikido is based upon solid foundations of understanding, developing greater skills and ability through regular practice in both body (Tai-jutsu) and Aiki weapons (Buki-waza). Saito Sensei was keen to promote this approach to learning the art and emphasised the clear relationship between body and weapon forms.

Although this is the T I A E website, it’s goal is to further ‘all’ Iwama Aikido teachers, their Dojos and Clubs. So many have followed Saito Sensei, attending his seminars and even travelling to Iwama to train under him in order to expand their knowledge of O-Sensei’s original martial art. He has built an Iwama Aikido legacy that must continue to be shared around the globe.

As this website develops it is a sincere wish that anyone interested in finding an Iwama style Aikido club or dojo, throughout Europe, can find listings here, either as a T I A E club or separate organisation.