Yoga – The Embodiment of Well-being

Many Aikido practitioners also study Yoga which they consider to be both beneficial and complimentary to their studies.

Jenny Ousey, a TIAE Rokudan (6th degree holder) is a qualified Yoga teacher. After doing a British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) Foundation Course with Kari Knight in 2014, she completed her yoga teacher training with international teacher Simon Low of The Yoga Academy, also accredited with BWY and The Yoga Alliance. Since then she has completed a further course in Myofascial Anatomy and Body Movement with Gary Carter. Jenny’s classes are based on creating a safe and nurturing environment where students can practice yoga safely. She teaches an integrated approach including pranayama (breathing practices), energetic (prana or ki) flow, mindful practice whilst also exploring principles of alignment, anatomical foundations, centering and stability within the yoga asana (postures). Jenny has a special interest on how movement can change the body, both externally and internally; her classes enable students to explore their physical boundaries and helps them to discover their own range of body movements. Her classes are suitable for beginners and more experienced yoga students, and she currently teaches in Suffolk.