Recommended Reading

The following list offers books covering Iwama and other Aikido and Budo styles which may be of interest. Some are ‘out of print’ and may be difficult to find, but online searches can help with locating copies.

Budo Renshu: Budo Training in AikidoUeshiba, Morihei
Budo: Teachings Of The Founder Of AikidoUeshiba, Morihei
The Essence of Aikido: Spiritual Teachings of Morihei UeshibaUeshiba, Morihei
The Secret Teachings Of AikidoUeshiba, Morihei
Traditional Aikido, Vol.1: Basic TechniquesSaito, Morihiro
Traditional Aikido, Vol.2: Advanced TechniquesSaito, Morihiro
Traditional Aikido, Vol.3: Applied TechniquesSaito, Morihiro
Traditional Aikido, Vol.4: Vital TechniquesSaito, Morihiro
Traditional Aikido, Vol.5: Training Works WondersSaito, Morihiro
Aikido: Its Heart and AppearanceSaito, Morihiro
Takemusu Aikido, Volume 1: Background and BasicsSaito, Morihiro
Takemusu Aikido, Volume 2: More BasicsSaito, Morihiro
Takemusu Aikido, Volume 3: Basics ConcludedSaito, Morihiro
Takemusu Aikido, Volume 4: KokyunageSaito, Morihiro
Takemusu Aikido, Volume 5: Bukidori & NinindoriSaito, Morihiro
Takemusu Aikido Special Edition: Budo
(Commentary on the 1938 Training Manual of Morihei Ueshiba)
Saito, Morihiro
Training with the Master – Lessons with Morihei UeshibaStevens, John
The Secrets of AikidoStevens, John
Abundant PeaceStevens, John
Aikido: The Way of HarmonyStevens, John
The Philosophy of AikidoStevens, John
The Heart of Aikido: The Philosophy of Takemusu AikiStevens, John
AikidoUeshiba, Kisshomaru
The Spirit of AikidoUeshiba, Kisshomaru
Best AikidoUeshiba, Kisshomaru, Ueshiba, Moriteru
Aikido, the Contemporary Martial Art of Harmony:
Training Methods and Spiritual Teachings
Ueshiba, Moriteru
Progressive Aikido: The Essential ElementsUeshiba, Moriteru
An Introduction to Aikido Mastering the Basics Through Proper TrainingUeshiba, Mitsuteru
Dynamic AikidoShioda, Gozo
Aikido: The Co-Ordination of Mind and Body for Self-DefenseTohei, Koichi
Aikido in Daily LifeTohei, Koichi
Takemusu Aikido: A Martial Artist's Journey of Discovery in AikidoSargeant, Tony
Keeping the Mind of a ChildSargeant, Tony