Peter’s Story

When did you start Aikido and why?

I started Aikido about 1982. Why because i was fascinated by Martial Arts as there were not many clubs about it had a bit of mystery about it.

What are some of your main memories in Aikido?

My memories are of the good friends I have made over the years I have trained and the good times i have had trying to learn Aikido.

What are your personal goals in Aikido?

I was born with no short term memory. So for me it’s about being the best I can be and just keep training.

Why do you think Iwama Aikido is so unique?

I think it is unique because you have to find a Martial Art that suits you and Iwama Aikido suits me.

What can Aikido offer people, in your opinion?

Confidence, self esteem, fitness and a challenge.

How long have you been training?

About 38 years.

Where have you travelled?

I have never been abroad but I have been very lucky with the quality of the teachers i have trained with in this country, and with the world class teachers​ that have come to this country to teach courses.